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Celebrating a Legacy of Fishing Excellence: The Ultimate Fishing Tournament History

Discover the Rich Tradition and Exciting Evolution of the IBT

Discover our Tradition

Longest consecutively running big game fishing tournament in the world

  • First event to adopt “Tag & Release” format in 1987, before the United States made it mandatory in 1989 through the Magnuson - Stevens Act.
  • Fish tagged in Puerto Rico’s coastal waters have been recaptured in Africa, Venezuela, and the US, providing valuable info about migratory patterns.

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History in the making

Longest consecutively running big game fishing tournament in the world.

Get ready to unleash and dive into a world of excitement, fierce competition, and time- honored tradition at the upcoming International Billfishing Tournament in Puerto Rico! For an incredible 71 years, this legendary event has been the epicenter of billfishing excellence, attracting adrenaline-seeking anglers from across the globe.

Brace yourself for heart-pounding battles on the open sea, where skill and strategy collide to determine the next champion. Join us in Puerto Rico and become a part of the rich tapestry of billfishing history as we continue the legacy of this unforgettable tournament.


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